Friday, February 4, 2011

Solitary Walking

 arrow someone has made in stone at a crossroads in routes
heading for Astorga on the beautiful, less-peopled 'countryside' option from Hospital de Orbigo

"How many of us are completely at ease with our own thoughts, 
comfortably at home in our own minds and bodies?
I know I'm not always in this ideal state. 
Far from it. 
So solitary walking gives me the chance to explore a little 
the murky depths of my own mind, 
to clear some weeds from the muddy pool of my unconscious, 
to sort out my ideas and beliefs, 
to shine a little light into my soul, 
to reflect on God and the nature of life, death and the universe. 
And, with luck, to meet up with some interesting people, 
and enjoy a few beers with them along the Way..."

on his Solitary Walker blog

Robert has many reflections on walking you might want to check out,
as well as accounts of the varied walking journeys he has made.


  1. I was quite amazed to meet up again with my own words like this! Thanks so much for quoting me, and for the link.

    Love your site here, it's very special.

  2. Thanks Robert. I made a comment on your blog telling you I had pinched a quote- but you might well have come here first before you had time to notice my comment!