Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bread of Life

 wheat growing on the Camino
 after leaving Pamplona, en route for Alto del Perdon

1. "I am the bread of life.
Those who come to me shall not hunger.
Those who believe in me shall not thirst.
No one can come to me
Unless the Father draw them.

And I will raise you up, and I will raise you up,
And I will raise you up on the last day."

~Sister Suzanne Toolan

I am a very 'lapsed' Catholic. 
But seeing wheatfields and vineyards 
always reminded me of the Eucharist I shared as I grew up. 
And I knew some longing as I walked...


  1. I am also a lapsed Catholic and I often wish the Catholic Church would change enough to allow me to come back into the fold, I miss it. All I want is to be given equal opportunity as a woman and I am back.

    1. I hate to say it Michèle, but I think if that ever happens, it will be a few centuries after we are dead and buried...

  2. Women. You aren't feeding your heart and soul with what is truly Catholic. Many of us strayed due to poor education. Seek the depth of your faith and you will see authentic womanhood and a place for you in its beauty.

    Your blog is inspiring and your photos amazing. I love the reflections. This one, from the Gospel of John was put to music by my Choral teacher in high school, Sister Suzanne (as we affectionately called her.) Her choral music iz prolific and there is a book out on her "life so far". FYI!