Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hillary Quote

My Quebec friends eating lunch near the high point on the Route Napoleon over the Pyrenees.

 It’s not the mountain we conquer, 

We had looked at the altitude charts for weeks,
fearing the day we had to ascend the pass over the Pyrenees. 
In the event, we found it was 'not so hard'.
The weather was kind the day we crossed
not too hot or cold, and just a little cloudy near the top.
And we found that our weeks of walking in France had prepared our bodies well.
The crossing- which we split into two with a night in Orisson-
became an event of great joy!


  1. Love this blog, and love your photos! Best, Robert (SW)

  2. Thanks Robert. I seemed to need a place to put some inspirational quotes, with some of my Camino experiences. (Now, I almost need another blog to do the same with some of my "Kiwi" photos!)