Saturday, October 23, 2010


Approaching Gite DuBarry, near Lelin-Lapujolle

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, 
in which you can walk with love and reverence."

~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. Oh Margaret.. this image has done me in.. I think that I feel another camino coming on.. now to choose a route and a time and start saving and training!

  2. Kay, it was such a simple scene, but brings such happy memories of the whole endeavour. I have ideas in my head for my next route(s!)- good luck with your saving!

  3. There is something about the distant mountains and the big sky, not to mention the stone wall and the well worn track.. I think that I will start planning for 2012 so I have a bit of time to look at different routes .. Vezelay to SJPP is taking my fancy at the moment though... but who knows!

  4. Those stone walls do it for me every time Kay- maybe a hearkening back to Celtic ancestors..... Hadn't really thought about those big skies, but on reflection, they were there- nearly every day.
    I have a Geneva-Le Puy guide, and a Cluny-Le Puy guide if you ever want to borrow them. And I know Janet from Adelaide (on the forum) recently walked the Vezelay route if you ever want to take to someone about it.

  5. We had a presentation last week on the camino on Le Puy en Velay to St-Jean pied de many souvenirs came back to us! Denis can't wait to go back! Keep on writing Margaret, I love to read you!

  6. I'm sure you don't remember me, but you gave me some good advice on the Le Puy route over two years ago (can't believe it was that long!). I just came across this newer blog of yours. It's such a wonderful idea!

    This brings back memories of my first day out of Le Puy--wonderful but tough, and a lot hotter than in your photo, I'd imagine (it was the end of August).

    Thanks for the photos and the inspiration!

  7. I am glad you got to walk the route from Le Puy Anna-Marie. I imagine it would have been a lot hotter at the end of August. Although it looks sunny enough in this photo, not too much later in the day it was sleeting then snowing!

  8. I remember this path on the first day, Arlette and I could not believe how narrow it was, going through farmers' fields with chickens and roosters watching us from the barn just above us. We also started out on a sunny cool day, about a week after you I think Margaret, April 19th. We met that very first day, 3 people from Austria who at started in Geneva. We talked about 5 minutes but they were walking much faster than we were. What an exhilarating day! Thank you for all the memories!

    Michèle, Ottawa ON, (Canada)

  9. It was exhilarating, embarking on such an endeavour! It wasn't windy the day I walked here, but I have read someone else's account, and they found it really hard to stay on the track near here, as the wind was blowing so strongly. (I am used to wind in New Zealand- we live in the middle of an ocean- but in general, I never experienced much wind in either France or Spain.)