Saturday, June 18, 2011

a significant journey

 My Camino shoes, all washed and scrubbed up for the journey home
-hopefully clean enough to get through our Kiwi quarantine checks-
somewhat more battered than when they started the journey.

“Every significant journey changes us in some way.  
We are hardly ever aware of this while we are in the midst of it.  
We may have hints and glimpses of these changes 
but it is only later, in looking back 
that we gasp in amazement at what was being formed and shaped in our lives.  
Only then do we recognize how a new attitude, 
a stronger dedication, 
and a fuller passion stretched us into the fullness of life.  
Then we are able to identify the journey’s ability 
to propel us into unexpected growth."

- Joyce Rupp Walk in a Relaxed Manner
 Seen on Andy's Pilgrimpace blog- thanks Andy.


  1. Yes, this is wonderful, and I remember it from Andy's blog. Hope to incorporate some reflections about this on my own blog before too long!

  2. Robert, I have just been away at a Camino gathering for the feast of St James- my first chance since I have been home to meet a group of others who have 'been there done that'. One of the interesting things was that people had very similar reflections on the experience- that the rhythm and simplicity were the important things- and that if they did it again, they would do it all more slowly and savour it. Those things had somehow seeped into everyone who walked.

  3. I can certainly identify with those things, Kiwi - the rhythm and the simplicity. Yes indeed. Sometimes, on my latest challenging winter Via de la Plata pilgrimage, I purposefully slowed down to a snail's pace (well, not quite, but you know what I mean!) and was all the better for it. Spiritually, of course - bit also physically, as my boots were sodden and heavy from the persistent rain, and my body battered by the wind and hail ...