Wednesday, February 1, 2012

God on the journey

"The feeling remains that God is on the journey too."
~Teresa of Avila

The day I walked to Los Arcos the landscapes were simply stunning, all day
but for some unexplained reason (maybe I was a little dehydrated)
in the latter part of the walk everything seemed too hard
and I had this awful feeling of being lost
that I would never find a village
that I would wander aimlessly here for hours...

But when I reached the village, there was a group of Irishmen 
sitting outside a cafe who asked how I was
and for once I said the truth - that it was hard and I felt lost.
They were my angels- I sat and conversed with them
I had dinner with them and I was 'found' again.
They were all fervent Christians these Irishmen
and it seemed like God knew I needed looking after this day.


  1. What a beautiful story.. and there is something about a road-vanishing-into-the distance photo that always makes me catch my breath..I need to know what is around that bend!

  2. The crazy thing about this day was that I really loved these landscapes Kay, but for some reason I was just really un-nerved by not being able to see any sign of a village, or even a house or shed... It's funny how these things happen on the Camino... but maybe if I had been feeling 'good' I never would have ended up having such good convos with these Irish guys.