Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awe and Wonder

The lushness of spring, in the countryside after Lauzerte

"The elemental spirituality is awe and wonder and delight before the creation. 
The mountains, the birds, the flowers, the children
reach out and touch us with wonder and with joy.
We sense a wonderful Creator.
We respond with thankfulness,
sometimes reverence,
engaging with the holy."

~From "We Well People" 
a book about Celtic Spirituality
by  a New Zealand author, John Hunt


  1. What a wonderful line "we respond with thankfuless, sometimes reverence, engaging with the holy" it captures the essence of the Camino for me.
    Thank you for the reference.

  2. Nell, it was in a book about Celtic spirituality that a friend gave me some years ago. There are other gems in there that say something about the Camino experience as well.