Monday, July 5, 2010

The end of the Camino

0.00 km marker near the lighthouse at Finisterre

"Blessed are you, pilgrim,
because you have discovered
that the true camino begins at its end."

~From Saint Anthony's Messenger, Aug 7, 2002
quoted by sil on Camino de Santiago Forum

I know that when I had finished walking
it felt like I had learned so many important lessons
about simplicity and calm, and taking time to listen,
and rhythms of the feet, and noticing the little things......
that my life would change when I returned home.

But back home, back at work,
life was so busy it was hard to hold onto that hope
and for a while I felt down, as if nothing had changed.

But then I realised, that peace and calm did reside within
that I had new priorities
I was no longer just fodder for the rat-race
and slowly slowly
this new simplicity
has been sending its roots deeper
into the soil of my being.

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