Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peace on the road

On the road to Los Arcos

"I'm not sure where I'm going.
Can't you give me a sign?
What's that? Peace? Why, yes, Lord.
This road is full of peace. It hangs in the air.
It's everywhere. You mean that's it?
Peace is the sign I'm on the right road?"

~in "Psalms for the Road"
by Joy Cowley
a New Zealand writer

Actually, the afternoon of the day I walked to Los Arcos,
the road on which this beautiful photo was taken,
turned out to be a 'hard day'.
For no apparent reason I felt despondent
as if I was 'lost' on the winding road
that held no signs of any village or farmhouse,
as if I would never arrive to sanctuary that afternoon.
Maybe part of the reason was simply that I was dehydrated.

But when I arrived, I was 'nurtured'
by a wonderful group of Irishmen who shared dinner with me,
and a gentle massage therapist who worked wonders on my legs and ankles.
I felt despondent, and some simple kindnesses worked wonders.
Thanks to my angels.

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