Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Morning

In the countryside after Astorga- walking early- 
with the remnants of a thunderstorm still in the air
"I'll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time."
~Emily Dickinson 

On warmer days in France and Spain 
I always preferred to start walking in the morning cool.
To walk as the world awoke to a new day 
was always a time of real joy for me
deep quiet joy.

And this particular morning I walked with my Quebec friends.
It had been an unbearably hot night,
until in the early hours, a loud thunderstorm began. 
We were glad to escape early, 
though nervous lest the storm return while we were in the open.
We were all excited, after so many days of 'flat' walking
to be heading for the mountains again, 
towards Rabanal del Camino... Foncebadon..... Cruz de Ferro...
places of mysterious names, 
all in the higher land that we couldn't wait to climb.


  1. The sky was so special that morming!

  2. Special morning all round...I loved the countryside we walked through with all the wildflowers by the path....

  3. That's such a beautiful photo! And the quote is perfect.

  4. It was a truly lovely morning Anna-Marie. Beautiful dawn, beautiful landscape unfolding ahead of us all the time. And just a frisson of nervousness about whether the thunderstorm might return while we were in the open!!!