Sunday, June 20, 2010

dawdlers and daydreamers

"Purists abound on the Camino:
people who believe one should always go on the traditional track,

people who object to luggage-carrying services,

people who think rest days and short days are defeatist.

If you’re a purist, you’re on the wrong blog.

I’m a dawdler, a daydreamer, a mucker-about. An impurist."

~ From "Slow Camino"

a wonderful, developing blog about one Australian man's pilgrimage

from Le Puy to Pamplona

It is interesting to hear those planning a second Camino
who often plan, second-time around,
to travel more slowly....
take more time to appreciate the landscape, the flowers, the historical remnants...
take time to sit quietly in more places...


  1. I like that quote from 'Slow Camino' Impurists unite!

  2. Have you also checked out the Slow Camino blog? I think it is just wonderful..... and he is bringing back so many memories for me as he writes. I thought I had bad enough weather on Aubrac though- and when I see his photo of how deep the snow was on the Pass at Aubrac, I know I had nothing to complain about!!!

  3. Just checked it out. It looks very good indeed.