Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If God is the Song

French family walking amongst the fields and wildflowers above Bessuejouls

"If God is the song and we are the singers
We are filled with the fullness of God
If God is the song and we are the singers
When we sing we are one with God"

~ From "If God is the Song"

I carried a little 'packet' of songs and poems and readings
to inspire me along the way.
In the early days, one of my favourite songs was
"If God is the Song" by Chris Skinner,
truly a song of joy.

But- one day in my very first week-
I had the words for this song in the pocket of my shorts
to reach easily, so I could sing as I walked along
and- it rained- drenching rain.
In coping with the rain and cold,
I never thought about the pieces of paper in my shorts pocket.....
So the words for this song, became irretrievably soggy....

By the way, 'next time'
I intend to sing more freely
without checking first that nobody can hear me...
I will not be so timid!!!

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