Saturday, June 12, 2010

Step by step....

With my Quebec friends- first day on the Meseta

"......concentrate on only the next step; and keep walking.
Think about what is working well
- not about your aches and pains.
Don't think about the total number of kilometres you are walking.
Only think about what you are walking today.
Right now.
Step by step, hill by hill, rest stop by rest stop
- that's how you accomplish your goal."

Lynne, from Santiago Forum

I carried these words of Lynne's with me -and on some of the hard early days
when the rain was heavy and the tracks were like streams
and my feet were tender
I repeated these words to myself, and they got me through!
(until finally, thankfulness took hold...)


  1. Petite pensée d'Albert Pike...

    "Ce que nous avons fait pour nous-mêmes meurt avec nous. Ce que nous avons fait pour les autres et le monde demeure immortel"

    Je pense souvent aux petites choses toutes simples faites pour les autres sur le chemin. Ces petites choses sont gravées en moi pour toujours!

  2. Lyne, Je me souviens bien le jour que Denis et toi, vous m'avez attendu sur les Pyrénées. Et vous m'avez recherché en Sarria, pour que nous pourrions marcher à Santiago ensemble. Merci ! Beaucoup de 'petites choses' a me souvenir.