Wednesday, June 23, 2010

walking becomes the praying

on the alternative track through the countryside,
from Hospital de Orbigo
, en route for Astorga

"On the Camino in Spain,
I gradually discovered that the walking becomes the praying.

In putting one foot in front of another,
in the tiredness, in the blisters,
in the being at one
with myself, the landscape and God,

in the mind quietening,
in all this,
walking, pilgrimage itself, became prayer."

~ From Andy's Pilgrimpace Blog
'a short walk from Swanwick'

I concur with Andy's words
about walking.
There is something mysterious about the rhythm of the feet
meeting the earth for kilometres and days,
that can place the soul in a place of prayer.


  1. Thanks Margaret. This quote is part of a longer article that should be published next month in Fairacres Chronicle. I've put a link to this blog in a little midsummer cushion on mine,


  2. "midsummer"= midwinter here of course! Thanks Andy.